Life is a big jungle

If you are deemed worthy of peace, you will rejoice at all times. Seek understanding, not gold. Gain peace, not a kingdom.
- Saint Isaac of Syria


They’re somewhat like this…”Carter began the military build-up of the US…Both Carter and Reagan were idealists.” A bunch of studying that will hopefully get us the grade we want. 

But I’m not getting the grade I want. Becoming too involved has definitely hurt me. I did it once, and I did it again. I just don’t learn.

Time for one just attempt at good grades!  

Unusual Post.

I have to stop doing so much. I didn’t use to be like this, but I feel that I am losing out on my youth. I know that working hard is great, but it can wait. My life is now, and I gotta live it. Damn. 

lacking much needed sleep, but there’s a long day ahead. let’s do this

Just bought this, pretty darn excited

Just bought this, pretty darn excited

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Which is scariest—targeted assassinations, the fact that Congress can no longer prevent them, or that Congress doesn’t seem to care?